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Daily Stress Management

Stress and anxiety support, helping you manage life, work, and everything in between
  • Helps reduce the impact of daily stress
  • Non-drowsy formula helps keep you calm & focused
  • Helps calm the mind & boost mood
  • Naturally designed for daily use
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Managing your stress levels can lead to:

The benefits of
better sleep include

  • Improved Immune Response

    When we’re stressed, our bodies often release hormones that weaken our immunity. Easing stress can help regulate and reduce these stress hormones, giving our immune systems a boost.

  • Improved Energy & Focus

    When our bodies and minds are in a calm and rested state, they are more likely able to focus and perform with improved energy and stamina.

  • Improved Sleep

    Oftentimes a key contributor to a restless night’s sleep are the hormones we release during a stress response. When these hormones are regulated or reduced, the quality and duration of our sleep may improve.

  • Decreased Anxiety

    As our mind and body relaxes into an easeful state, free from tension and worry, we may notice that we have less anxious thoughts and feel calmer.

  • Healthier Skin

    Studies have shown that stress hormones can lead to increased acne and early aging. When these hormones are balanced, you may find your skin looking more hydrated, brighter, and clearer.

  • Better Adrenal Health

    Stress hormones that are consistently in overdrive can lead to a diminished adrenal response, which can consequently lead to more stress. When we reduce the stress load on our bodies and minds, we may find that our adrenal health improves.

Crafted to help you manage the stress of daily life

Clinically-backed & dependency-free ingredients

A potent blend of Ashwagandha (KSM-66 extract), Rhodiola, Lemon Balm Extract and Magnesium help combat the effects of stress.

Naturally promotes elevated mood & focus

Lemon Balm Extract and L-Theanine work together synergistically to help keep you calm, focused and energized while lifting mood.

Designed for daily use

The ingredients in Daily Stress
Management work together
synergistically to support your body's
nervous system and adrenal health on
a daily basis.

Doctor-recommended doses

No hidden quantities. Our formula is made with therapeutic-level doses to ensure you get the most out of every ingredient without overdoing it.

Hero Ingredients


Ashwagandha (as KSM-66®)


Helps naturally regulate cortisol and stress

Rhodiola Rosea Extract


Promotes calm, balanced energy and a positive mood



Promotes relaxation and helps regulate caffeine

Lemon Balm Extract


Helps release calming neurotransmitters (GABA)



Naturally promotes relaxation via GABA and serotonin production

Black Pepper Extract


Increases the bioavailability of the other nutrients in this formula

Our Formulas VS. Other Brands
Yes! Natural Ingredients Chemically-derived ingredients
No Habit forming Often yes
Yes! Doctor-Recommended Doses No. Often minimal quantities.
Always Vegan Rarely
60 days, no questions asked MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE None or less than 30 days

Real reviews
by real people

Zen in a jar

This stuff is MAGIC. I’ve dealt with stress, anxiety, and hypertension for most of my adult life and have tried various remedies. NOTHING has worked nowhere near as well as this stuff! I take a couple tablets in the morning and the rest of the day is just easy. I feel SO calm yet also focused. I smile more. My body feels light. I just love this stuff!!

Mariam B

The best anti-stress remedy I’ve found

I’ve tried everything under the sun, and nothing has worked like this product. I can take it daily for months and still feel amazing every single time!! I feel so much calmer and at peace when I take this product, things that normally would upset me seem to just roll off my back. Even my colleagues and husband have commented on how different and happier I seem! 10/10 recommend!!

Maddy B.

The magic fix

After finally weaning myself off of some intense stuff that gave me some pretty terrible side effects, I finally decided to give the natural route a shot. And BOY, have I been missing out!! This product gives me all the good and none of the bad. I feel so happy and peaceful and yet alert and focused at the same time. I haven’t lost my motivation or drive, in fact, this stuff gives me more energy, just in a calm manner. HIGHLY recommend!!

Dolly D.

Calmer than ever with 0 side effects

It feels like I’ve been searching for this product my whole life. I’ve tried lots of different fixes for my stress and anxiety and nothing quite fully does the trick….until this stuff! Just two tablets and my whole day becomes JOYFUL. My tension melts yet I feel a new sort of calm energy. It’s honestly the best I’ve felt in DECADES. Couldn’t live without this stuff!!

Barbara C.

This stuff really works!!

I’ve tried so many products and the effects never seem to last more than a few weeks at most. Well, I’ve been taking these daily for nearly 6 months and I’m still getting the same benefits as day 1!! They truly work!!

Shayla B.

All natural stress relief

I’m so glad I’ve found something 100% natural that actually works. I’ve tried some of these ingredients on their own before, but there’s something special about this particular formula. It just works and CONTINUES to work!! My worries and anxieties just drift away when I take these, and honestly I’ve noticed the effect get even better over time!

Lexie R.

Products that actually work

I won’t go into a ton of detail, but when I say I’ve tried everything under the sun, I mean it. I would say that 99% of the products I’ve tried were duds. Just when I felt like giving up, a friend suggested Seedwell. I started with their stress formula, and oh my lord, the difference has been NIGHT & DAY. I finally understand that it takes not only high quality ingredients but also the right dosages to make an effective formula.

Jenna M. Burbank, CA

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